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Impact Stories Series - Annual Public Report
Corporate Film / Motion Graphics

Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster

Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster accelerates the development and adoption of digital technologies that keep Canadians healthy, protect the environment and drive economic productivity. Through a powerful combination of co-investment, they unlock the potential of Canadians to lead and succeed in the digital world.


Digital Technology Supercluster
Impact Story Series

About this project:

The Digital Technology Supercluster is a complex organization, and as part of their Annual Report, the team at the Supercluster reached out to ApplebyMedia in order to create a Impact Story Series that could accompany the annual report when released to its members and stakeholders. 

As a relatively new organization, with a vast network of members, acquiring new content to support these projects was impossible. Furthermore, a premium had to be placed on clarity, and simplicity. In essence, how can you take the mission of the Supercluster, and examples of that mission in action, and articulate that to a viewer in 90 seconds or less?

Core Messaging:

Three core messages emerged. 

1. The challenges that the Digital Technology Supercluster works to help solved are very complex.

2. The Supercluster, in partnership with its membership organizations, can have an exponential impact on these challenges.

3. Being a member of the Supercluster is an exciting opportunity to develop sophisticated solutions to global problems.



• 6 Impact Story Videos

• Copywriting X 6 Scripts

• Motion Graphics

• Music Referencing

• Voiceover Recording & Direction

• Stock Image / Video Sourcing

• Sound Design

• Colour Correction

• Video Editing 

• Deliverable Formatting



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Brian Appleby
Executive Producer & Creative Director

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