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"Experience the Exceptional"
10-Part Film Series

Phantom Creek Estates

This 10-Part Film Series focuses on the astounding quality, attention to detail, and pure elegance that encapsulates every detail of this premium winery experience. In partnership with Creative Director Olaf Strassner, this series brings a first-of-its-kind estate to the screen in a way never seen before in the prestigious Okanagan Valley. This filmmaking project and marketing initiative is your invitation to "Experience the Exceptional."


Experience the Exceptional

It all starts with the vineyards.

When Richard Cleave discovered the untouched site that later would become Phantom Creek Vineyard, he saw what no one else could have ever known was there.


This tiny 10-acre site would change the way people viewed wines from British Columbia and Canada. They would become the best wines in the country.

Chapter 1

What goes in the ground, goes into your glass.

Amy Richards, Director of Farming at Phantom Creek Estates, has been fortunate enough to work in many different wine regions around the world in her 20 years as a viticulturist. To her, nothing compares to the Okanagan Valley.

With high latitude, long days, warm and cold climates, the Okanagan features a symphony of variety that makes it stand alone as a truly unique wine region.

Chapter 2

There is no great vineyard
that is not surrounded by beauty

Wine must show the characteristics of a place. 

Bold, big, intense, beautiful, and vastly extreme. For France's first Master of Wine, Olivier Humbrecht, the landscape of the South Okanagan embodies power and energy. It's drama, and potential, is just one of the reasons that Phantom Creek Estates is his first, and only, white wine consulting project.

phantom creek estates brian appleby film chihuly room okanagan winery wine trailer video appleby media

Olivier Humbrecht,
France’s first Master of Wine & White Wine Consultant

Chapter 3

The magic of honest winemaking.

To the average visitor, they may make assumptions about what a winemaker sees when they look at a glass of wine.

But for Phantom Creek Estates, and winemaker Francis Hutt, the question is simple: "I wonder if this is going to be delicious?"

Chapter 4

Capture the full energy of the cosmos.

"What's really important when you taste wines, especially in a tasting room like Phantom Creek Estates - with the room, the view -- enjoy it of course, but now we're tasting wine.

Focus on the wine.

How do you feel about it?
Which wines do you remember the most? And why?"

Olivier Humbrecht, Master of Wine

Chapter 5

Wine has to give a sense of pleasure.

Balance may be a silly, potentially overused word in the world of wine, but for red wine consultant Philippe Melka, it's a philosophy.

"I always try to live my life in balance."

"What inspires me is people with love and passion about what they do. What I'm looking for in a wine is a purity, and a precision. My goal is to make a wine of distinction. Of sophistication."

Chapter 6

"It is the definition of what a 'phantom creek' is."

As an architectural masterpiece, the building itself is as much a part of discovery as the wines in the tasting room. The subtleties of this space are what lead architect John Taft encourages people to seek out and experience. 

"I hope visitors get to experience the winery as a part of discovery. To come through and experience different things. There are so many experiences built into this space."

John Taft, Lead Architect

Chapter 7

Expressing the Exceptional

The gentle spirits of mother earth, and nature. The celebration of sunlight gives birth to new life. The uniqueness of the grape, similar, but each discernible from the next. The prestige of hundreds of glass blown filaments, each working together showcase quality.

These are the Phantom Creek Estates works of art.

Chapter 8

Expect the Exceptional

It took three years to built. It will take you three seconds to appreciate why.

Created without compromise, to stand beside the finest estates in the world, it is the realization of a dream that is destined to set a new standard for winemaking in Canada.

Chapter 9

Experience the Exceptional

Attention to detail - it's what summarizes the experience of Phantom Creek Estates. 

It's complex. Layered. Unique, and magical. 

But if there is one word to describe the experience of Phantom Creek Estates, it would be exceptional. This is your invitation to Experience the Exceptional.

Chapter 10

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