client: canada's digital technology supercluster
sector: government / tech

how do you make interesting creative content during a global pandemic, from scratch?

brand strategy / brand storytelling / copywriting / motion graphics / sound design / stock acquisition / music direction

How this project started:

Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster is one of five supercluster's across Canada, and this project started off with a familiar request. 


As part of their upcoming Annual Report, the Communications team wanted rich video content that could showcase some of the innovative projects being developed through the supercluster.


The unique challenge? A global pandemic and national lockdown. Oh, also, a lack of existing assets to work with. In fact, the image and description to the right was all that existed as reference material. 


Furthermore, being a relatively young organization, the brand voice had not been developed. If you asked someone what the supercluster did, it would be difficult to answer in a sentence.

sample source content project description:

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 1.31.27 PM.png

Key Challenges:

Pandemic restriction removed all ability to acquire new videography content.


Complex project descriptions require a stripped-down, clear, and concise explanation.


Existing content assets were limited or non-existent (i.e. photography, footage, brand standards).




Core Messaging:

Three core messages emerged. 

1. The challenges that the Digital Technology Supercluster works to help solved are very complex.

2. The Supercluster, in partnership with its membership organizations, can have an exponential impact on these challenges.

3. Being a member of the Supercluster is an exciting opportunity to develop sophisticated solutions to global problems.



• 6 Impact Story Videos

• Copywriting X 6 Scripts

• Motion Graphics

• Music Referencing

• Voiceover Recording & Direction

• Stock Image / Video Sourcing

• Sound Design

• Colour Correction

• Video Editing 

• Deliverable Formatting



most valuable takeaway from this project:

professional, high quality creative content doesn't necessarily need a complex solution.

a multi-disciplined creative content specialist can guide your organization, using creative problem solving to develop solutions that are efficient, fairly priced, and highly polished.