Credit where credits are due.

I've played a senior role creating and producing all the selected corporate video projects you see below.

However, not one of them would have been successful without an ambitious and trustworthy client partner, patient mentorship, talented creative leadership, and relentless attention to detail. I want to thank all them all for their partnership, and for the adventures we've shared along the way.


Multimedia Presentations


Motion Graphics & MORE

WHAT IS The experience like?

David Goldstein | Chief Executive Officer
Destination Canada

"I’m no stranger to presentations, with 40-50 speaking engagements a year, to rooms ranging from 10 to 1000. Thought I knew my stuff, and then I met Brian. He was brutal...pushed me...broke me down and rebuilt me...and together I was able to give the presentation of a lifetime...he was the Sherpa to my Everest. The greatest experience ever...and I never want to see him again..."

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